Call for Submissions

MedInfo 2025
call for submissions is open!

We are pleased to invite the Health Informatics and Digital Health global community to join us in Taipei from August 9-13, 2025 and contribute to MedInfo 2025’s Conference Program. The conference not only spans the spectrum of subdisciplines in medical and biomedical informatics, but also Digital Health experiences, bridging the important work being done to continue to improve patient outcomes through equitable and accessible health care for everyone around the world.
The MedInfo 2025 Scientific Program and Local Organizing committee invite you to submit a scientific paper or poster for peer review, to organize a workshop, tutorial, panel, or to submit an abstract under Digital Health Experiences stream. Under the MedInfo 2025 theme of Healthcare Smart x Medicine Deep, the program will be built around the following 5 tracks, addressing a variety of themes and topics:
Information and Knowledge Management
  • Information Standards: Interoperability; Terminology; Ontology; Metadata
  • Information Management: Electronic Health Records; Data Quality; Registries & Health Information Exchange; Medical Device Integration; Security, Privacy & Consent
  • Computable Knowledge: Guideline Implementation; Decision Support; Artificial Intelligence; Curation
Quality, Safety and Outcomes
  • Evaluation: Methods; Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety; Legal, Ethical & Regulatory; Safety & Security
  • Quality Improvement: New Service Delivery Models; Measuring Outcomes; Counterfactual Modelling; Digital Health Equity
  • Innovation: Emerging Technologies; Novel Applications; Governance, Change & Adoption
  • Patient-Facing Technology: Personal Health Records; Symptom Checkers; Fitness Trackers; Social Media, Telehealth & Remote Monitoring
Health Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Methods: Generative AI; Natural Language Processing; Predictive Analytics; Deep Learning; Blockchain; Data Visualization; Simulation; Process Mining; Data Cleansing; Explainability; Privacy-Preserving AI; Speech Processing
  • Applications: Disease Surveillance; Biomedical Imaging & Image Analysis; Population Health; Personalized Health; Ethical Implications; Scalable Infrastructures; Clinical Trials
Human, Organisational and Social Aspects:
  • User Experience: UI/UX Design; Human-Computer Interaction; Workflow & Ergonomics; Patient-Clinician Communication; Trust & Governance
  • Health Policy and Ethics: Integrating with Mental Health, Social & Community Care; Learning Health Systems; Citizen Co-Design; Consumer Perspectives
  • Health Informatics Education: Formal Education; Continuing Professional Development; Workforce Development; Online Learning; Serious Gaming; Health Information Literacy
Global Health Informatics:
  • One Health: Health Systems Sustainability; Interdependent Human, Animal, & Environmental Ecosystem; Mental & Emotional Well-Being; Biodiversity; Food security; Economics
  • Public Health: Governance, Risk, Policy, Leadership; Universal Health Coverage; Sustainable Development Goals; Disaster Management; Healthcare Access & Equity; Social Determinants

Scientific Program - Papers and Posters Submissions

Submissions are accepted through the scientific peer-reviewed process led by the MedInfo 2025 Scientific Program Committee. This is the traditional component of the program that MedInfo has continuously offered to the Health, Medical and Biomedical Informatics global community since it's inception. Accepted submissions for the Scientific Program are published in the MedInfo 2025 Proceedings and are PubMed indexed.

Workshop, Tutorial & Panel Proposals

Proposals are accepted by review by the MedInfo 2025 Scientific Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee, these proposals do not undergo a peer reviewed process and are not published in the MedInfo 2025 Proceedings.
Authors are restricted to presenting only one paper, poster, or abstract at MedInfo, even if they have multiple accepted submissions. However, this restriction does not apply to authors invited to participate in panels, workshops, or tutorials. In exceptional or unavoidable situations, the MedInfo organizers may consider individual exceptions in consultation with the authors or submitters.