Our Story

About TAMI

The association was established in 1991, initiated by directors and colleagues from the information departments of major medical centers and hospitals in Taiwan. Recognizing that medical informatics is a unique discipline that bridges healthcare and information technology, with its specific research needs, they called upon like-minded individuals in Taiwan to form this legal entity. The objectives of the association are to research medical informatics, elevate the standards of medical information, and strengthen international exchanges in the field of medical informatics. Over more than a decade, through the efforts of successive presidents, secretaries-general, and all members, and under the leadership of the current president, Dr. Ming-Chin Lin, the association now boasts over 600 members. These members come from government agencies, universities, public and private medical institutions, and for-profit companies.

In recent years, the association has been tireless in promoting related academic activities. For example, it has organized international medical informatics symposiums over the years, undertaken academic research projects from various government agencies, and held visits and exchange activities at major hospitals to foster communication among members. These efforts have garnered widespread attention. To further internationalize Taiwan’s medical informatics field, we have actively pursued the hosting of large international academic conferences. Notably, we hosted the World Congress on Medical Informatics in October 2002 and the Asia Pacific Association for Medical Informatics Conference in 2006, and we continue to actively bid for other world-class academic conferences.

We are also vigorously expanding academic exchanges with our counterparts across the Taiwan Strait. Through mutual academic exchanges and visits, we hope to enhance understanding and resolve misunderstandings between the two sides. Our efforts have facilitated numerous delegations from Taiwan to visit mainland China. This year, our focus is to reciprocally invite mainland Chinese counterparts to visit Taiwan for exchanges. We aim to foster mutual learning and progress in medical management and information research.